Fleet Tank Sweeper® (120V AC) Mobile Cart

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Fleet Tank Sweeper® (120V AC) Mobile Cart


Fleet Tank Sweeper® (120V AC) Mobile Cart

A lightweight and portable filtration system on a mobile cart for tank applications including trucks, tractors and 55-gallon drums.

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Innovative Products of America® Incorporated is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who only sells through traditional three step distribution. Our products are available through most professional tool distributors, AG/construction equipment dealers, farm supply stores, MRO and industrial supply companies.
To locate a distributor near you, please call 888-786-7899 or email us.

If you do not have access to a local distributor, you may buy directly from our website.

Price $1,334.75


Transfer and Filter Diesel, Kerosene and Bio-blend Fuels. A Great Solution for Most Fleet, Construction, AG and Industrial Equipment.

The Fleet Tank Sweeper® is a compact portable fuel transfer and filtration system which includes input and output hoses along with special attachments for accessing saddle tanks and 55-gallon drums. Built for maximum volume and working pressure, the Tank Sweeper® is used for removing water, algae, dirt, debris and sludge from diesel fuel. The Tank Sweeper® can also be used to blend fuel with bio and other fuel additives. As a preventative maintenance tool, the Tank Sweeper® will prevent truck fuel filter clogging, injector wear, poor fuel mileage and power loss.


Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans and transfers diesel fuel
  • Water-blocking filter with clear site glass
  • A preventative maintenance tool
  • Special wands for accessing the bottom of the fuel tank
  • Not for use with gasoline or other highly volatile fluids


• (2) 17-Micron Water-Blocking Filters (#FIL00001A) • 6′ Input Hose (#9049-INHOSE-AS) • 6′ Output Hose (#9049-OUTHOSE-AS) • 5′, 1/2″ Flexible Output Wand (#9049M-OUTPUT-AS)  • 5′, 3/4″ Flexible Intake Wand (#9049M-INTAKE-AS) • 10″ Pneumatic Wheels (#7900K-48) • Cart Handle (#HDL0004-AS2) • Filter Wrench (FIL00005)

Pump Type: Rotary Vane (Explosion Proof)
Pump Requirements: 120V AC (6.5 Amp)
Flow Rate: 22 gpm
Input/Output: 3/4" dia.
Filter: 17-Micron Water-Blocking
Tires: 10" Pneumatic
Material: Powder-Coated Steel
Weight: 47 lbs.
Dimensions: 20" W x 42" H x 18" D
Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty

We value your business. Have a question or need technical support? Call 845-679-4500 or email [email protected] When contacting us, please be sure to reference the part number or product series you're interested in.
SKU: FIL00005

Filter Wrench

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