Air Comb® Filter and Radiator Cleaner 12″

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Air Comb® Filter and Radiator Cleaner 12″


Air Comb® Filter and Radiator Cleaner 12″

(11 customer reviews)

A surprisingly powerful, multi-port nozzle maximizes air pressure and volume at a 90° angle.

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90° Multi-Port Air Gun.

Special, multi-port nozzle maximizes air pressure and volume at a 90° angle to thoroughly clean air filters, condensors, radiators, etc.


Features and Benefits:

  • Focused, high-pressure output
  • 5X the air volume
  • Long-reaching and powerful 90° airflow
  • Accesses hard-to-reach areas
  • Great for all air filters, radiators and condensers
  • Does not punch holes in air filters and extends filter life
  • OSHA safe
  • Available in 4 sizes: 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″

11 reviews for Air Comb® Filter and Radiator Cleaner 12″

  1. SvF

    My new favorite tool Just recently purchased this through a local retailer based on recommendation by one of their employees. I have been searching for a blow gun or tip to blow off dust from mini-blinds and window screens prior to washing. I have several cockatoos and even with air purifiers, dust is always an issue. The wind is ferocious where I live so my window screens quickly get dirty from the surrounding farmland. Additionally, pollen is a big problem when I open windows so I might try periodically using the air comb to blow dirt and pollen from inside out. Just open the window, blow the dust from inside the house, and perhaps I won’t have to take all the screens out for cleaning.

    I LOVE this air comb. CFM is not compromised from the long multi-hole design. This will become your new favorite toy. The uses are endless. I used it last night to blow out dust from big decorative pillows that had been temporarily stored (unfortunately not in air tight bags) due to home renovation. Put the holes directly and firmly against the pillow and you’ll be amazed at how much internal dust is blown out the other side. I vacuum pillows regularly but the thicker ones are difficult to fully clean.

    Once remodeling projects are complete, I intend to use for getting leftover drywall dust out of everything. If I had a commercial sized dust collection system, I would clean my entire house with it!

    The tube part has a plastic sleeve for storage and I highly recommend keeping it covered when not in use to avoid getting dust and debris in the holes.

    If you are a pet owner, the air comb is for you. I also have cats and the hair drives me crazy on bedding, towels, etc. I vacuum off cat hair on certain items prior to putting in washing machine, but this makes the job easier (assuming you have a place outside to blow the debris).

  2. Fritz Groszkruger

    … and combine filters and radiators with all the other crap stacked with them Saves tons of time cleaning tractor and combine filters and radiators with all the other crap stacked with them.

  3. Michael T.

    WORTH EVERY PENNY Awesome tool. Works great.

  4. Craig Bernhardt

    Great for radiator fins I used this tool to blow out the radiator fins in the a few of my trucks. Works absolutely great. It’s a smart invention, worth the buy. Just go to menards and pick up the air fitting with the sealant on it and thread it in, your good to go

  5. James F

    Great for HVAC coil cleaning! I use these to clean out compressor coils for HVAC systems and they work great. The 12″ one is great for smaller AC systems (2.5 tons or less) and the A-coils in the air handler, where the 24″ is good for 3 ton systems and larger.

  6. Timothy W. Blackburn

    Everybody needs one. This works sweet, does great on cleaning air filters & radiators.

  7. James B Calomb

    Worth having. Fantastic tool. Cleans dust from my Kubota’s air fliter much, much better than just an air gun.

  8. Robert

    As described. Good quality Works perfect

  9. Spencer B.

    High quality product. Use this for blowing our heater cores and evaporators in heavy duty trucks. Fits in there perfect after taking out the cabin filter.

  10. Ron Jellison

    Excellent tool! Excellent tool! A must have for a truck mechanic!

  11. tony

    wand easy to use blows filter out with easy

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Max Operating PSI: 120 PSI
Air Inlet: 1/4” NPT
Materials: Anodized Aluminum/Steel
Package Weight: .35 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 18" L x 2.75" W x 1" H
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
CoO: Assembled in the USA from Global Components
Patents Pending

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