Fuel Injection Cleaning, Priming and Troubleshooting

Fuel Injection Cleaning, Priming and Troubleshooting

The health of an internal combustion engine with fuel injection depends upon the quality of the fuel it’s ingesting. Whether diesel or gas, contamination in fuel means trouble and will cost time and money. Contamination like dirt and water will cause a loss of power, miss fire or bad fuel economy, and that’s just a few gremlins that will show their heads. Once an injector becomes clogged and its spray pattern is changed from a mist to a stream, the injector must be replaced or cleaned. Replacing injectors can be difficult and always expensive, so cleaning is a good first option if you have the right equipment. For cleaning fuel injectors and diesel fuel pumps, I found the IPA #9080 Fuel Injection Cleaner and Primer to work wonders on fuel injection systems. It’s portable, simple to use and is one of the only products on the market today to actually work!


To clean fuel injectors or a diesel pump, fill the internal tank of IPA #9080 Fuel Injection Cleaner and Primer with your favorite fuel cleaner. There are many on the market today; Sea Foam is the one I have been using since it seems to work every time, but there are several out there on the market all claiming to work well. The IPA #9080 comes with a set of standard adapters that allow access to most fuel rails and diesel injection pumps. Other adapters can be purchased through IPA or on line.

To clean injectors and diesel fuel pumps, first fill the holding tank of the IPA #9080 with enough cleaner to do the job – normally 1-2 pints. Then attach the #9080’s output hose to the diesel injector pump or fuel rail for gas engine applications. The IPA #9080 comes with a 5-8 psi internal fuel pump and is powered by a motor cycle battery (not included). To clean: run the engine, turn on the switch to the #9080 and let the cleaner do the work. That’s all there is to it!  Most injector cleaners can be added to the vehicle’s fuel tank for added cleaning and protection but for injectors that are already clogged or dirty, there is nothing like the IPA #9080 cleaning them.


The IPA #9080 Fuel Injection Cleaner and Primer can also be used to prime fuel injection pumps. If you have ever replaced a fuel tank or injection pump on a diesel, you know how hard it can be to reestablish the prime. The IPA #9080 makes it easy; just fill the #9080 tank with Diesel fluid and attach the appropriate adapter to the fuel injection pump. Then turn on the #9080 and it will automatically fill the pump, allowing you to start the engine and then bleed the injectors if needed.

Troubleshooting Road Maintenance and Recovery

The IPA #9080 makes troubleshooting a poor running or no-start diesel easy. Even if the breakdown is on the road, the #9080 is portable and self powered. Let’s face it–just about any diesel breakdown is caused by fuel. To find the problem, simply bypass the fuel system of the truck by attaching the #9080 with clean diesel fuel in the tank and throw the switch, allowing the clean fuel to enter the fuel pump. Then, run the engine and bleed out any bad fuel through the injectors until the engine starts. If need be, you can place the #9080 on the passenger floor and drive the truck back to the shop for filter change or tank cleaning. Note: The tank for the #9080 is only five gallons, so you won’t get too far but being able to move the truck even a little to get off the road, can be a plus!

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