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Tire Comparator™ Type II

Quick Overview

A Professional “Go/No Go” Tire Caliper For Dual Tire Pairing. Read our white paper, "The Butterfly Effect on Tire Maintenance" HERE

Tire Comparator™ Type IITire Comparator™ Type II
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Tire Comparator™ Type II Tire Comparator™ Type II Tire Comparator™ Type II Tire Comparator™ Type II Tire Comparator™ Type II Tire Comparator™ Type II

The IPA® (#9067) Tire Comparator™ (Type II) is the industry’s fastest and most consistent caliper for comparing tread wear on mated dual tires. This simple to use sliding tolerance gauge requires no measuring, guessing, or even visual inspection. Just hold it against the tire, and slide across the treads for a quick result every time.

Even the smallest discrepancies in mated tires can result in a loss of fuel economy and tread life. A ¼ in. variance in size, for example, will cause the larger tire to support a far greater load. This results in accelerated tread wear and increased heating on the larger tire. Additionally repeated scuffing will occur on the smaller tire with each rotation. These factors increase rolling resistance, which decreases fuel economy and decrease tire lifespan

Features and Benefits:

• Fast, simple to use, no measuring and no guessing

• Extend tread life, reduce blow outs and tire decapitation

• Improve fuel mileage

• Can be used on any dual mated tires

• Special tread wear adapter gauges available for any rim size

• Light weight and portable

• Made in the USA



(#9067) Tire Comparator Type II

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